Please welcome our new GBatNet Student Reps!

We are delighted to announce the results of our latest round of GBatNet Student Selection! They will be working alongside the leadership team, network leaders, working group leaders, and our existing cohort of GBatNet student representatives to advance the mission and vision of GBatNet, and we’re very excited to have them join us!

Please welcome our new GBatNet Student Representatives:

  • Andrea Bernal-Rivera (University of Washington)
  • Beatriz Dybas da Natividade (University of Illinois Chicago)
  • Lexi Frank (University of Minnesota)
  • Cheyenne Graham (University of Michigan)
  • Sophio Maglakelidze (Institute of Vertebrate Biology, Czech Academy of Sciences)
  • Franck Meyo (University of Douala)
  • Pedro Monico (Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey)
  • Robin Rowland (University of the Sunshine Coast)
  • Chiara Scaramella (University of the West of England and University of Bath)
  • Md Ashraf Ul Hasan (Texas Tech University)
  • Thiombiano Parfait (University Joseph KI-Zerbo)

Additionally, joining the new cohort will also be Nathaly Nicole Camargo Quiroga from the Program for the Conservation of Bats in Bolivia and Luis Adam Briancon Experimental Institute of Biology, who was selected in the previous round of student selection.

We will have profiles up for everyone soon so that you can learn more about our excellent new student representatives!

Thanks again to everyone for applying, we had a very strong pool of applicants this year and hope that everyone can still remain involved with GBatNet through one of our member networks or working groups!