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Interdisciplinary Projects

You may select multiple projects and multiple roles per project.
Big Bat Database
Niche plasticity in bats
How old is this bat? Probing life history and demography using methylation clocks
Development as the key to phenotypic diversity across the bat radiation
Developing effective population size estimates for bats worldwide
Bats as habitats and bats in habitats
Measuring stress in bats
How has the bat immune system evolved and influenced bat diversification?
Improving and standardizing monitoring protocols to enable conservation planning
Prioritizing conservation attention on key habitats and key species
Science communication to targeted audiences: Scientists vs. public audiences
Science communication for policy-makers and decision-makers
Assessing species vulnerability and threat of climate change
Socio-ecological interactions at the bat-human interface
Global assessment of perceptions of bats and how that relates to human behaviors and climate change
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