Chiara Scaramella

Chiara Scaramella

University of Bath/University of the West of England
United Kindgom

Ph.D. Student



I am a PhD student pursuing my studies jointly at the University of West England and the University of Bath, respectively at the Ecology and Conservation Research Lab and the Bat Conservation and Research Lab. Originally from Italy, I completed my foundational academic journey with a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in forestry and environmental science at the University of Napoli Federico II.

While my passion for nature and wildlife has been long-standing, it was my discovery of ecology and conservation biology that illuminated the path I was meant to follow. Additionally, I became captivated by the world of bats, ultimately deciding to focus my studies on this taxon. Indeed, both my undergraduate and graduate theses were focused on investigating bat ecology within agroecosystems, an experience that deepened my appreciation for the research process—from immersive fieldwork to meticulous data analysis. Motivated by a desire to contribute to the conservation of these remarkable creatures, I actively participated in experiments at the Lab of Animal Ecology and Evolution at the University of Napoli Federico II. As a field assistant, I have been involved in experiments on bats in agroecosystems, evaluating their role as pest suppressors in organic apple orchards.

Currently, my research focuses on bat ecology in disused railway tunnels. I aim to understand how bats utilize these spaces and how to ensure bat are protected when these tunnels are reopened to the public. One aspect of my research is identifying which types of lighting are more tolerable to bats to optimize bat conservation impact while maintaining safety standards. With a deep commitment to wildlife conservation and scientific inquiry, I am passionate about using my research to inform practical conservation strategies. My goal is to contribute significantly to our understanding of bat ecology in anthropogenic landscapes.

Selected recent publications:

Ancillotto, Leonardo Chiara Scaramella, Fabio Dartora, Antonello Migliozzi & Danilo Russo. 2003. Organic farming sustains bats in Mediterranean farmland. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 342: 108230.

Ancillotto, Leonardo, Massimiliano Borrello, Francesco Caracciolo, Fabio Dartora, Michela Ruberto, Rosario Rummo, Chiara Scaramella, Arturo Odore, Antonio Pietro Garonna & Danilo Russo. 2024. A bat a day keeps the pest away: Bats provide valuable protection from pests in organic apple orchards,
Journal for Nature Conservation, 78: 126558.